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Writer’s Secret 404 Page

Get the 404 Error Page – Writer’s Secret


Step 1:

Create a new directory:

Create a new directory on your hard drive and name it: 404error

Step 2:

Copy and paste all the code in the box below:

Replace YOUR-ID-HERE with your ID.

Copy and paste the code on the popup page to a new html page.

In Front Page, Dreamweaver or your favorite html or text editor, paste all the code on a new html document and save it as 404page.html in the 404 error directory you created on your hard drive.

Step 3:

Upload the entire 404error directory to your web server

When you do this, you’ll be creating a new directory on your server called "404error" and the page you just made will be inside there.

Step 4:

Call or email your web host

Ask them redirect your 404 page errors to:


Step 5:

Test your Error Page:

When you’re done, purposely misspell one of your website links or access a page you know no longer exists on your server and as long as you’ve installed the 404 Error Page correctly, you’ll see that come up when the page loads.

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