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Swag Box 7 Letter

Here is a sample email you can send
to your list for Swag Box 7



Replace YOUR-ID-HERE with your ID.

Subject line: Every Day Could Be Christmas


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Dear Friend,

What if every day were Christmas, and you got gifts all the time, not just once a year?

It’s called "Swag Box 7."

And once you know the Swag Box 7 Secret, there’s all kinds of "swag" up for grabs in affiliate promotions.

From the fancy stuff like:

* Cruises

* Trips

* Lambos

* BMW’s

* Wave runners to simple things that

* iPads

* laptops,

* Kindle Fire’s

* Hot accessories

* You name it.

Find out more here:

The sky is the limit. Not to mention the cash deposited straight into your paypal or bank account, or mailed to you as a check.

Only 1% of affiliate marketers know and use the "Swag Box 7" formula. And for them, nearly every day is Christmas.

Only the most savvy and well-informed marketers perform these promotions. That’s because they "get it" and know that you can’t market online like everybody else and be a 6 or 7 figure marketer.

Marlon Sanders has revealed his Swag Box 7 Formula that contains secrets he observed his own Super Affiliates use to snag the swag.

Only 1% of Super Affiliates know and use these methods.

Check it out at:

Best wishes,

Your name



Replace YOUR-ID-HERE with your ID.

Subject line: New SwagBox 7 Method Scores You Big Swag As An Affiliate


[textbox rows=”15″]

Dear Customer,

Want some swag?

I’m talkin’ iPads, Kindle Fire’s, Mustang cars, laptops — even Lambos.

Marlon Sanders has done it again. He’s come out with a super cool guide to help you bag the swag.

He calls it the Swag Box 7 formula based on what he’s seen his top super affiliates do over the years.

1. This is unique

Marlon uncovers and reveals a number of methods others don’t.

2. It’s credible

Not only is Marlon highly credible but he bases the methods on what he’s seen very famous super affiliates do in promoting his own products.

3. Real world — Marlon shows many real world examples of how he has personally used the formula for his own products AND how top super affiliates use it.

Best wishes,