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Subject line: Pimp Out PDF’s With The Greatest Of Ease!


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One of the things you’ll use as a FREEBIE to get people to join your list is a PDF.

But most PDF’s are boring. They’re text ONLY. Or they have that cheesey lookin’ clip art.

But you’ve SEEN those hot looking PDF’s that make their rounds on the Internet? They have really cool looking graphics in them.

Guess what? In the Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard, you’ll learn HOW to pimp out your OWN PDFs!

See, it’s WRONG!

"Gurus" do all these neato TRICKS to THEIR videos, THEIR PDF’s, THEIR affiliate tools, THEIR podcasts. They "shock and awe" you with powerful shows of razzle dazzle.

Then after you fork over hundreds or thousands to them, they NEVER TEACH what they DO to get the traffic, and make the sales!

It’s a pet peeve of mine.

See, to me it’s NOT about the guru being all hot $*#) and everything and being able to do "tricked out" things to THEIR videos, THEIR PDF’s. It’s about YOU.

And YOU being empowered in YOUR marketing.

I’m here to empower YOU to be cool, to look cool, to get people on your list, to get ’em to spend money with you.

I’m here NOT to make everything so complex that you keep paying me big sums each month. I’m here to make things simple so you can take ACTION and become a producer and a promoter.

THAT is how you get the bux in the door.

Buying or consuming how to info products is great. But you gotta make the transition to being a PRODUCER and a PROMOTER and you gotta do it sooner rather than LATER.

Marlon’s products aren’t perfect. They have flaws. He’s not perfect. But he is the one guy here trying like crazy to help YOU look hot. To pimp out YOUR squeeze page, your videos, your podcasts and audio, YOUR PDF’s.

He’ll empower you the best he can, and won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do it.

He won’t ask for your bladder or your liver and force you to get a blood donation to afford his product. Not that anything is wrong with high end products.

YOU should have one yourself. And you can learn how to do it in Action Grid.

The point is, he’s here NOT to impress you with shock and awe and then NEVER reveal HOW he does all the razzle dazzle.

He empowers YOU to have your OWN razzle dazzle. He’s here to help you STOP spending money you don’t have and START producing and PROMOTING so you got all kinds of money coming in.

THEN, you CAN afford to buy a seminar or coaching or whatever. But FIRST, I need to empower YOU as much as I can to be a producer and a promoter, NOT just a consumer.

Take the first step and <a href=""> click here.</a>

Best wishes,



Subject line: The Marketing Dashboard Will Blow You Away


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How would you like to get 599-1,000 subscribers to your list DAILY?

No one else I know of has EVER had the guts to do this…

Marlon interviewed Daegan Smith on how he gets it done.

Here are some of the results from his different subscriber generation sources he shared:

1. 282 clicks 107 leads….37% opt in…12 sales…$648 revenue

2. 18 clicks 15 opt ins 4 sales for 267.00

3. 1442 clicks 587 leads 40% opt ins…22 sales

4. 2991 visitors 101 leads….16 sales @ $324

5. 852 uniques 223 26.17% conversion 4 sales in 2 weeks

6. 11,360 views…259 leads….18 sales….1035.00 revenue

7. 2044 visitors 269 leads 7 sales…

These sources include inexpensive ezine ads, buying text links on sites, banner ads, pay-per-view — and more.

Daegan literally opens up his ad tracking program and tells HOW he gets so many daily leads. Everybody else I know talks in generalities and what you might possibly could do.

Daegan shares his exact clicks, subscribers and sales.

It’s a mind-opening interview and you will be so jazzed and excited when you hear it.

It’s YOURS if you snag Promo Dashboard.<a href=""></a>
The interview will be posted by 1 a.m. CST today on the bonuses tab.

Best wishes,