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Subject line: Stop Trading Time for Dollars and Start Trading Products


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The Info Product Dashboard. Here’s the concept. It’s very simple:

1. You either trade time for dollars, or products for dollars

2. Marlon walks you through a simple, doable, step-by-step process for creating your own info product in about 20-30 minutes per day, 6 days a week over a 6 week period.

3. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s what the Info Product Dashboard does. It breaks it down into one bite at a time.

Now, it isn’t all fun and games. There ARE legitimate obstacles you have to overcome.


Obstacle 1: I want to create my own info product but I’m NOT an expert at anything.

Solution: Marlon shows you step-by-step how to use the knowledge of OTHER experts to create your first info product.

Obstacle 2: I don’t have money to pay experts

Solution: Marlon shows you a secret source a friend of mine uses to get experts to create his products with him — at ZERO cost. Zero!

In some cases, you may pay experts a relatively modest sum. But I’m going to show you a killer way to get experts to co-create info products with you and they won’t charge you a cottin’ pickin’ dime!

Obstacle 3: Creating an info product is hard work and takes forever.

Solution: If you have 20-30 minutes a day, just follow Marlon’s step-by-step instructions, screen caps and videos.

Obstacle 4: I’m a newbie and don’t know what topic to produce a product on.

Solution: In the Info Product Dashboard, Marlon’ll give you a few very simple things you can do to find a good topic. You don’t need a million things to do. He boils it down and gives you just a few that work.

Obstacle 5: I don’t have money for recording equipment, software and all that jazz.

Solution: Marlon’s eliminated virtually every expense possible. Most everything can be done without money. He gives the free resources and then, if appropriate, a paid resource, if the paid one is what he personally uses. That way, if you don’t have money, you can use the free one. If you DO have money, you can use what he personally uses in his own business.

Obstacle 6: Where will I find these experts? I don’t know where to find them.

Solution: Marlon shows you his secret resources and places they hang out at. Of course, you may have friends, family, acquaintances or others who will allow you to borrow their knowledge.

Obstacle 7: "I don’t have a lot of money to order a bunch of CD’s."

Solution: You can delivery digitally. Marlon shows you how, gives you templates, the whole ball of wax. But if you WANNA do a CD, he gives a place that will do a quantity as low as ONE at a great price, AND ship the CD for you. There are no barriers here to people who own the Info Product Dashboard.

Obstacle 8: I don’t know how to do video and I can’t afford Camtasia.

Solution: Marlon shows you how to create video to supplement your products with using a free software program. Video is a very nice addition to a product. And he makes it easy and cheap for you.

Obstacle 9: I can’t afford Sound Forge to edit AUDIO with. How do I create audio?

Solution: Marlon shows you how to do it easy with a free program.

Obstacle 10: "I hate reading a bunch of long, drawn out stuff."

Solution: Marlon shows what to do and HOW to do it without any filler or fluff. This is an ACTION system.

But he also shows you secret places to find people most don’t know about. Including ONE that gets a WHOPPING 30% success rate when the right email is sent. The exact word-for-word email is one of the fast action bonuses he offers. Oh, he gives you the SOURCE of these experts also.

You have a decision in life.

Do you want to trade your TIME for dollars?

Or do you want to trade PRODUCTS for dollars?

<a href="">Click here to make your choice.</a>



Subject line: Introducing the Path to Total Freedom in Your Life.


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The one and only step-by-step Dashboard to take you to your FIRST info product will be launched. At last, you can STOP trading TIME for dollars and start trading PRODUCTS for dollars!

This is the path to total freedom in your life.

Here’s a Sneak Preview of row #1 on the Info Product Dashboard. The Dashboard is broken down into 6 rows with 6 icons each. You do 1 icon per day. Most of the icons are doable in 20 or 30 minutes per day. A few take longer.

You eat an elephant one bite at a time! So I’m breaking the whole thing down into bites, and giving you step-by-step screen caps,instructions, videos as needed, and even templates.

The outcome is Marlon’s made it faster, simpler, easier and CHEAPER to create your first info product.

In Row #1, here is the breakdown of what you will do:

Icon 1: Get Started

This is where you figure out how much you wanna make from your product. You’ll run a few numbers and set your goal.

Icon 2: Choose Market

This is where you will select the basic market you want to sell to.

Icon 3: Do Survey

This is Marlon’s famous 12-product survey. He shows you how to do it and gives you sample results from one of my surveys.

Icon 4: Find Experts

If you don’t have your OWN expertise or information to create a product with, you’ll find experts to create that info for you. Marlon shows you where to find ’em.

He gives you a special, "secret source" of experts who will gladly help you create your info product.

If you already have expertise you can sell, you skip this icon.

Icon 5: Write Questions

You will create a list of questions to ask your expert. He gives you sample questions here. If you’re already an expert, these are the questions you will cover.

Icon 6: Send Email

You pop off the sample email to get experts to come on board with you and help create your info product. As one of the fast action bonuses, Marlon’ll be giving you the ACTUAL EMAIL a friend of his uses that gets a 30% success rate with people helping him create info products at ZERO COST! They don’t charge him a dime!

He has a $10,000 a month income generated largely from the content provided by these experts.

See how simple week one, row one is? There’s no rocket science!Everything is broken down into simple steps. You just follow the big blue numbers, screen caps and video (as needed).

<a href="">Click here</a> and get on the fast track to creating your product.



Subject line: How the Info-Product Dashboard Will Change Your Life Today


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Here are some answers to popular questions about the Info-Product Dashboard.

1. What is the big benefit or promise of the Info Product Dashboard? What will it do for me? Why should I get it?

Answer: Follow the 6 rows and 6 icons. You WILL end up with your own info product in 6 weeks. That’s the guarantee. You will need 20-30 minutes a day most days. Some days take longer.

You CAN go faster if you work more than 30 minutes a day.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, right? The Info Product Dashboard breaks down creating your own info product into a bite-at-a-time process.

It’s A to Z. You WILL be able to create your own info product if you follow the steps. Period. Nothing else has ever broken it down into step-by-step like this. It has a lot of screen caps since they are fastest to learn from. But also videos as needed.

Finally, Marlon has a forum in case you get stuck. You can ask your fellow users.

<a href=""></a>

2. What is this about trading products for dollars? Is that realistic?

Answer: You either trade time for dollars or products for dollars. I’m putting you on a step-by-step path to trading products for dollars.

3. I don’t know anything or have expertise. Can this help me?

Answer: Marlon shows you how to create your info product using other people’s expertise. So yes, even if you don’t have expertise, you can benefit from this.

4. I’m not good at writing. Can this help me?

Answer: He does NOT have you write an ebook. That is too time consuming. This is a much faster product creation method.

<a href=""></a>

5. I don’t have a target market or any product ideas. Will this help me?

Answer: Marlon shows you a very clever method of finding a target market by beginning with the end in mind. You have NOT read this strategy before.

In a special PDF, Marlon shows you how to dig for target markets the RIGHT way. This does NOT involve using the normal overture searches, or ppc tools. This is different. I even dig out some golden nugget target markets for you.

6. Creating a product sounds hard. Is it?

Answer: It IS challenging if you don’t have all the answers. But Marlon’s figured out everything for you and put it into A to Z steps with screen caps and video as needed.

7. I’m broke. How can I afford to buy this?

Answer: How are you going to get over broke if you don’t have your own product? You are broke because you trade your time for dollars. Learn to trade products for dollars.

If you sell just 2 Info Product Dashboards, it’s paid for. Or, if you create and sell 2 of your own products, it’s paid for. It’s a no brainer really.

8. I already own a bunch of ebooks. I got stuff on creating info products. Why would your Dashboard help me?

Answer: Have those ebooks helped you DO anything? Do you have your product done? If not, you need this. It breaks it down one bite at a time.

9. Is there any URGENCY to buy now?

Answer: Yes, Marlon will zap away the bonuses before long. And the longer you put this off, the longer you will be trading time for dollars instead of products for dollars.

10. Can I REALLY do this?

Answer: Marlon’s made it as step-by-step as humanly possible.

<a href="">Check out</a> the info product dashboard.



Subject line: Start Trading Products for Dollars Right Now!


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Marlon Sanders has perfected an entire system for creating info-products; such as Audio CDs, PDF’s, and eBooks using his time tested point-and-click, step-by-step method.

It’s called the <a href="">Info-Product Dashboard.</a>

You may be wondering if this product’s for you. To see if you’re among the large percentage that can benefit from the Info-Product Dashboard, just run through this list of simple criteria:

* If you have thought to yourself, "That would make a great Info-Product," this applies to you.

* If you are working the 9 to 5, trading your time for dollars; this applies to you.

* If you’ve had that info product idea in the backburner for a year; and you still haven’t started it yet, this applies to you.

* If you’re about to begin writing an ebook or are partway through one, this applies to you.

* If you feel that you’re not an expert on anything; but still want to create your own product, this applies to you.

* If you tried to create a product of your own but gave up, this applies to you.

* If you’ve got a bunch of "half done" products on your desktop, this REALLY applies to you.

* If you think it’s too hard to create your own info-product, this definitely applies to you.

* If you think it takes too much money to create your own info product, this STILL applies to you.

* If you have just 1 hour a day to spare to work on your info-product, this applies to you.

* If you’ve got a web page that isn’t converting as well as you’d like, this applies to you.

* If you think you can never create a professional looking info product audio CD, PDF, eBook, or download pages; this applies to you.

* If you’ve ever had a problem getting your payment processing set up to take orders online, you need to read this.

* If you know you want to sell products online but haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it, then this product REALLY applies to you.

Finally, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the results you are achieving right now, then this applies to you.

Head over to…

<a href=""></a>

…to learn more. I really think it’ll help you.

Best wishes,