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If You Want The Money, Go Get It!

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Gimme My Money Now!

Review by Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

I’m sure no one ever accused Marlon Sanders of being subtle. But then again, subtle dont feed the bulldog! Gimme My Money Now! is the perfect title for this e-book. The words underscore the urgency of the information contained in Marlons quick-hit, 10-step winning formula for selling products through an automated web site. And they light a fire under your butt to act on this information. Now! Action, Marlon reminds us, is what makes money.

Building on the success of his Amazing Formula arsenal of simple, yet powerful secrets for selling on the Internet, Marlon covers even more ground with this tightly constructed plan for selling products on the web.

He wastes no time getting started. Youre told to come up with at least 12 product ideas that people want. (You learn not to ask Why? when Marlon tells you to do something. You just do it, because you know its GOAL directed. It will produce RESULTS.) Then, using his quick and easy method, he shows you how to survey, or test, these ideas until you come up with the one killer product that you will advertise, sell, and deliver through your web site. And he even tells you everything you need to know to register your own unique domain name and set up the site! This is solid money-making advice from start to finish.

And it just gets better. The information on conducting web-based product surveys alone is worth your time and money. In clear, easy-to-follow instructions, complete with illustrations, Marlon explains that the only way youre going to be successful in online marketing is to let people tell you what they want to buy. And then you sell it to them through your one-page web site! You then get a first-class tutorial in the finer points of web-based surveys. Plus, he hands you the tools, resources, examples, and templates to put your project in gear. This plug-and-play advice is beautiful in its simplicity, yet very thorough in its content.

Again, the title of this e-book is a real clue to its theme and message. Every step in the plan is an action thats designed to produce clear, measurable results. And, like every other value-packed component in Marlons Amazing Formula, this strategy for web-site marketing boils down to a science that provides tips for repeatable success. Marketers at all levels of experience and expertise can benefit from his real-world wisdom.

Read this e-book if youre at all serious about putting an Internet sales plan in motion. For that matter, read it if youre only looking to rev-up the revenue potential of your current web site. Or if you want to fine-tune a digital product that you know should be making you more money. Its time well spent, indeed.

So, if youre looking for a better, smarter way to get your (web sales) money now, try this amazing game plan. Your customers will be more likely to give you their money after youve converted Marlons formula into action.

–Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

Dr. Gardner writes professionally and, as such, was compensated for preparing this review.


If You Want The Money, Go Get It!

e-Book Review of:

Gimme My Money Now!

by Marlon Sanders

Following suit of his own provocative title, in Gimme My Money Now, Marlon Sanders quickly submerges his reader into the nuts and bolts of his finely oiled machine. Within the first several pages, Sanders reveals the steps he has promised to deliver in the exact order in which they should be performed. Next, he proceeds to each working part of the whole, each organ that makes the device run, articulating in detail their functionality and raison detre. By detailing the steps within the steps, the information becomes clear and easily digestible.

The author adheres to his own philosophy of starting simple and fashioning a solid base to build upon. In fact, it becomes a mantra throughout. Sanders forcefully states that one must begin their first web page WITHOUT the bells and whistles. This may ride roughly against the grain of some fundamentalist marketers out there. However, he provides well-founded examples of why and how this method works. Starting with the bare bones is also an effective technique to avoid overwhelming the entrepreneur. An organized businessperson has the best potential to be a successful businessperson.

To increase success even further, Sanders becomes your personal advisor on a multitude of issues from finding resources for research to avoiding getting burned by other businesses. Invaluable advice on how to obtain an interview with an expert is presented using methods that even the most practiced interviewer may not have considered. Being as concerned about your ability to make a profit as you are, Sanders explains several snowball methods of achieving financial gain on previous efforts. An excellent suggestion was not only to use mailing lists for your own purposes but to sell the ones you have compiled. Another way to make profit on previous sweat equity is to let associates market your product for you. As your personal watchdog, Sanders lists services that you should expect your web server and merchant account to provide. His experience will save not only heartache, but most importantly, resources such as time and money.

Gimme My Money Now focuses additionally on aspects other than simply the factual process of marketing a product. Sanders approaches the psychological techniques of creating a need and a want for a product. The importance of emotive language is highlighted. Words that play on the emotional strings of customers can lead to greatly increased sales. Sanders understands the concept of perceived need and perceived cost and explains this in such a way that the readers feel they have had a brief class of psych 101.

Using his own psychological twist, Sanders feeds his enthusiasm to the reader. He uses short quick sentences and paragraphs to keep the energy flowing. Interest is easily maintained in this easy to read format. Motivation lurks among every sentence. Fatigue does not set in and the reader leaves intellectually and emotionally ready to make his own conquests in the marketing arena.

Andrea Collare

Andrea is a professional freelance writer and, as such, received compensation for writing this review.