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Product Creation Tip
Do you want to be on top or bottom of the marketing food chain?

I’m not going to pretend that creating your own products is always easy or fast.

But for most people I believe it is a good decision. And with the methods I teach, you can minimize the hassle and risk and maximize your profits.

Why create your own products? Because only then can you start an associate program and have hundreds or thousands of people promoting your products for you.

So instead of being on the bottom of the food chain selling other people’s products, you can be on the top with other people selling your products.

Now creating products and running a reseller program isn’t for everyone. It’s a lot of work sometimes.

But the rewards are worth it.

I’m not knocking reseller programs. Each month I mail out thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of checks to my resellers.

But if you want to make money the way I make money, then I recommend you check out How to Create Your Own Products In A Flash.

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Product Creation Tip
The biggest mistake beginners make when they create their first product — and how to avoid it

I was a beginner once too.

Let me tell you about the mistake I made. It’s one that most beginners make when they start.

Here it is:

Spending too much time, money and energy creating a product — before you know IF it will sell.

That mistake is deadly and will cost you a fortune. I recommend you create an initial version or trial prototype just to find out if your product will sell.

If all goes well, you can go back and enhance, expand and upgrade your product.

You can’t sell a dead duck. The first rule of product creation is to find out if your duck will quack or sink.

For more simple yet powerful product creation strategies that save you time and money, click here.

Tip number two helps people avoid one of the biggest
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