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Step 1:

Open Front Page, Dreamweaver or whatever HTML editor you prefer

Step 2:

Click the HIGHLIGHT ALL button below, then right click and choose COPY. Then PASTE the code in a text or html editor.

Step 3:

Replace in that code, with the URL of the page you want your visitors to be taken to if they click the "No thanks, let me in" button.

Replace YOUR-ID-HERE with your ID.

Step 4:

Then save that page to your hard drive, and name it index.html or whatever you use for your main page name, but be sure to rename your existing main page FIRST!

Step 5:

Click here to download the required file to your hard drive, which contains the necessary images. When you click the link, it will open the "SAVE AS" box. Save the file to your hard drive.

Step 6:

UNZIP the file to your DESKTOP.

Inside you will find 2 folders. Do NOT change the names of the folders. Take the first folder you see, named "fullpage" and upload that to your hard drive. Make sure to put it in your root directory, and NOT inside any existing folders on your server.

Inside "fullpage" is another folder, called "images6" and inside there are the images. All you have to do is upload the fullpage folder, and everything will automatically be uploaded along with it.

Step 7:

Upload index.html to your web site server, which is the full page ad.

Step 8:

Upload index2.html to your web site server, which is your own page.

Step 9:

Then, type your URL into your browser, and the full page ad will appear! Click the "No thanks, let me in" button, and your page will appear. The other button take you through your reseller URL, to the product site.

That’s it!



Replace YOUR-ID-HERE with your ID.

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