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Sales Copy Tip
How I learned to craft
killer sales letters

Most of the books I ever read on how to write sales letters and ad copy sucked.

There were a few good ones by John Caples, Claude Hopkins and Robert Collier.

But those books were written a long time ago.

So what I did is both simple and obvious. I collected successful sales letters, both online and offline, and studied them.

I read them over and over.

I marked out the thought flow and the psychology. I read them aloud. I can actually quote entire parts of some sales letters. After ten years of trial-and-error learning, it all started making sense.

Eventually, I became a highly paid copywriter. Then I decided to make life a lot easier for those who wanted to craft their own sales letters and marketing messages.

So I boiled everything down into a formula anyone can use. It’s so simple, it’s deceptive. If you don’t have ten or twenty years to spend learning how to write sales letters, then check out this web site.

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Article by Marlon Sanders

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