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Gimme My Money Now
Tip How to make money with simple two page web sites!

Want to hear a funny story?

Some time back a customer wanted a refund because the strategies I teach weren’t anything like what the dot com businesses are doing.

Now, most of them are going under and we’re still making money.

Most people look in the wrong place for success. They think they need "new information" and "killer strategies" to make money.

Here’s what you need: A hot product, a traffic stream and a sales letter.

If you’re tired of long-winded Internet marketing b.s. that sounds good but doesn’t work when you try it, click here for something simple that really works.

This tip emphasizes the USP of Gimme My Money Now
which is that a simple process makes you money.

The above tip is simple but makes people think. Just insert a
2 row by 1 column table on your web site and paste in the
text. Then link "click here" to your reseller ID.

Change the affiliate URL and replace YOUR-ID-HERE with your ID.

Gimme My Money Now Tip
Why I don’t "do" the search engines

Call me crazy.

But I dont’ do jack in terms of getting listed on the search engines.

Maybe that’ll change in the future. I doubt it.

Here’s my rationale:

1. The search engines are taking longer and longer to spider your pages. It’s a month or so before you know IF your strategy worked.

2. By the time you create those killer doorway pages, submit them and get them spidered, the rules and tricks have changed.

3. When you search on any of the key words relevant to Internet marketing, you get about 10,000,000 pages. That’s a lot of competition. If you have a business with a small number of listings under your key words, the engine game may make sense for you.

4. Most of the software programs I’ve seen that are supposed to work never made me a dime.

6. It’s complicated. Some products on the topic take hundreds of pages to explain the strategies. And in many cases by the time they’re written, they either don’t work or the rules have changed.

I do have friends who do extremely well in the search engines. But I’ve never personally been able to make money that way.

7. Pay per click engines like Go To are the wave of the future. And it’s simple to buy traffic and make a profit if you know your monetization numbers. But even then, I have much more success with another strategy

8. In short, it’s a slow way to make money that requires more skill than the average person has.

In contrast, I teach a simple method that has made my clients and friends big chunks of cash within 30 days of implementing it.

Click here for a simple strategy that takes only 50 pages to explain and, best of all, it really works.

Tip number two is a long one. But it hammers away
at the search engine myths that still run rampant. Link
your reseller ID at the bottom where it says "Click here."

Change the affiliate URL and replace YOUR-ID-HERE with your ID. w=gimme

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