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e-Book Review of:

How to Create Your Own Product in Two to Four Hours

Review by Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

Every now and then I get to review a how-to book that pulls me into the pages so deeply I get caught up in trying out the formula first, and finishing my review later. Believe me, this doesnt happen very often. But it did when I started reading this easy-to-follow, step-by-step e-book from Marlon Sanders. He succeeded in getting me to act immediately on the information I was reading! Im already on the way to creating and testing my product!

Marlons 14-chapter product creation system is all you need to know about jumping in and succeeding in the world of digitally delivered information. Its common sense, been there, done that guidance from somebody whos obviously graduated from the online marketing school of hard knocks. Take it from me, youll learn from Marlons mistakes!

Theres a wealth of information here–from brainstorming for an idea that builds on your know-how and expertise, to turning that idea into an information product that solves a big-ticket problem for your target market segment. You learn how to figure out what people want to buy, and then how to produce the information product that gives them what they want. Like me, youll quickly get to the point where you cant wait to start practicing what Marlons preaching!

Need to learn how to write a killer sales letter that will get people to want what youre selling? The system gives you the winning formula. From there, youll discover the secrets of fine-tuning and testing your idea with surveys that work. And then youll find out how to roll-out the package in print and audio format on your web site. On top of all this, you get all the tools you need to do the job. The system comes with worksheets, templates, and resource-rich web sites that are only a click away when you need them.

But perhaps the most refreshing thing about Marlon and his success strategy is that he refuses to take I cant do it for an excuse. He shows you why anyone can produce an information product. Whats more, he proves to you that you dont even have to create your own products to succeed with his system. You can acquire and sell other peoples products with amazing profit results. Hes turned over every stone for you, and the result is a manual that is a one-stop shop for creating online information products. Products that will sell.

Anyone interested in a start-to-finish system for discovering and producing a web-based information product should learn and live the guidance revealed in these chapters. Youll save time, money, and energy in your quest to build a better, more competitive product. And, as Marlon demonstrates, youll be putting yourself in a tollgate position that people have to go through. Isnt that what selling information is all about?

So this review was a little later in getting finished than I originally planned. I got side-tracked by Marlons powerful, do-it-now product creation system. To me, theres no better test of a well-written how-to manual than that!

–Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

Dr. Gardner writes professionally and, as such, was compensated for preparing this review.

Finally! A Winning Formula for Making Money on the Web!

e-Book Review of:

How to Create Your Own Products In A Flash

Review by Andrea Collare

So youre not a brain surgeon, or then again, maybe you are. Do you have what it takes to create a product from thin air? With Marlon Sanders help, you most definitely do.

A daunting task you say. If you use How to Create Your Own Product In A Flash, it is a very accomplishable task. With endless guidance and hand holding, Sanders gives the reader no choice but to succeed. He puts up roadblocks for excuses one may come up with to quit by providing resources when a difficult area is reached. The task is made so simple that you cannot fail without trying to fail.

Sanders begins by letting the reader get to know him. Most importantly, it is made clear that even he did not start as a salesman or a born speaker. In fact, it took multiple trials and errors to reach his destination. Lucky for the reader, he is now wiling to share his legwork. Sanders has already ridden the learning curve so you dont have to. To learn how to be an effective speaker, the author joined his local Toastmasters. Very clever indeed. This is a resourceful person who divulges valuable tricks to the trade.

To get the reader going and on the right path, Sanders helps the reader realize that he or she does indeed have an expertise in some area. Perhaps it is a hobby, a fancy, a work related issue or simply something one wishes to know more about. He then proceeds to begin the brainstorming process with the reader to help develop an idea. Following this is a superb worksheet that once again leads the reader step by step into discovering what product to offer to the world. It was actually fun to fill out.

Oh yes, but then there is the technical side of delivering a digital product, you sigh. Not to worry, How to Create Your Own Product contains actual diagrams, not just words, that lead you through the guts of the process. Sanders realizes we arent all tekkies out there and does a commendable job at whittling down the jargon into smooth understandable methods. Not known for my technical prowess, even I grasped the concept.

Finally, Marlon Sanders wants you to succeed. If you dont, neither does he. Although he desires to get the reader psyched about marketing his or her product, he also advises caution. Definitely, he has no desire for someone to leap in with a product unprepared and loose a handful of money. Methods that he outlines help avoid those types of pitfalls. Test the product first. Keep your head on straight. Trust yourself, have confidence.

You can do this–with a little help from Marlon Sanders.

Andrea Collare

Andrea is a professional freelance writer and, as such, received compensation for writing this review.

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