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Create Your Own Product Q & A

Create Your Own Product Q & A


Marlon, what is the main purpose of How to Create Your Own Products In A Flash?

It’s a slam dunk education in creating information products that really sell. It’s a real eye opener for many people.

It walks you through a step-by-step formula. You will see now that many people have copied my formula in their products. That’s the truth.

I was the first person to unleash this kind of step-by-step system on the Net. It came as a direct result of my frustration trying to find out how to create products that sold.

It took me 10-25 years to assemble this formula. It took a lot of hit and miss efforts in my initial days of marketing.

The main thing is this product is not about "learning something new."

It’s about sharing with you common sense, my own personal experience, brainstorming and that sort of thing.

It puts you on a track that works and helps you avoid the dumb mistakes most beginners make that are very expensive.

Is it really possible to create products in a flash?

It’s something I have done personally, my friends have done and people I know in the business.

So the answer is "yes it can be done." Now, can it be done by you or other people who buy this product? On the one hand I don’t see any reason it can’t. On the other hand, I haven’t kept statistics.

I know that in the beginning, I had people submit their efforts to me. I did have people who successfully used the formula.

Unfortunately, we all differ in background, experience, intelligence, ability and so forth. It’s not possible to have something that works — guaranteed.

However, I do my absolute best to give you a practical workable system. And it’s something that I personally have used.

What is the main benefit of How to Create Your Own Products In A Flash?

The product is all about action. It isn’t a particularly lengthy product. That is because it’s an action plan. That’s all it is. If you want to learn marketing strategy, buy The Amazing Formula. But if all you want is to take immediate action and create a product in a short period of time, that’s the purpose of Create.

Now, The Amazing Formula applies to all types of products and services. The thing about Create is, it teaches how to create a specific type of information product and market it using only one very powerful marketing method.

Am I guaranteed to make money?

No. All business involves risk of gain and loss. If you can’t handle the potential for loss, don’t play the game. I do everything in my power to put the odds in your favor. And I tell you what works for me personally.

This is all based on my own personal experience. That is what separates it from a lot of products. A lot of people write things that sound good in theory. Some of them don’t even write their own products!

You may not make a dime. And you may get rich. Chances are, you’ll fall somewhere between those two extremes. That’s as honest as I can be.

You don’t advise people, in general, to start with ebooks. Why is that?

The deal is, a lot of people can’t write well. It can take 6 months for someone to write an ebook that no one wants to buy. That’s why in Create I teach an info product creation method that is much faster. After you find out IF a product will sell, you can turn it into an ebook, course or whatever.

The problem most people have is finding the right horse to ride to begin with. My system teaches you that. In fact, it gives it to you on a silver platter.

How does How to Create Your Own Products In A Flash differ from Gimme My Money Now?

If you could only buy one, I’d say buy Gimme. It includes a short version of the Create system in it. However, How to Create Your Own Products In A Flash goes into much more depth giving you practical advice and ideas on how to come up with hot, saleable product ideas.

It’s just a lot more in depth on the product creation side. Just practical nuts ‘n bolts stuff from my experience. Not necessarily new or astounding. Just down-to-earth, practical.

My products are an extension of my experience. Most people can’t afford my $1,000 an hour consulting fee. That’s why I sell information products.

The thing that Gimme has that Create doesn’t is the full-blown marketing action plan. It is about the whole entire system from A to Z. Market testing. Planning. Web Site. Sales letter. Marketing. Create is only about creating information-type products.

Why do you recommend information products?

Easy. You can create them fast and sell them around the world using digital delivery.

What separates your Product Creation Formula from the other how to products on the market?

I’m friends with many if not most of the other online marketers who train people. So I would never criticize their products. In fact, many of them are very good. I endorse some of them.

However, my product creation formula has endured the test of time. Other products come and go. Some become quickly outdated. But How to Create Your Own Products In A Flash is timeless.

The formula is simple. Common sense. And based on my experience. It’s a fantastic product for beginning marketers to help you avoid mistakes, wasting money and so forth.

My formula is very step-by-step. What to do and how to do it.

I noticed you say you sell other products. Why isn’t everything in How to Create Your Own Products?

When you go to school, why isn’t everything in one course? It’s the same answer.

The Amazing Formula is my intro product. Everything else builds on it like Gimme My Money Now, How to Create Your Own Products In a Flash, How to Craft Drop Dead, Killer Ad Copy and so forth.

How to Create Your Own Products focuses only on creating your own information products.

Do you provide free consulting if I buy your product?

No, my consulting fee is $1,000 per hour.

How much do I make on the reseller program?

The cool thing about the product is you can sell it for 50% profit. You can do that even if you don’t buy it. Send an email to [email protected] for details.

Anyway, you not only make 50% on How to Create Your Own Products, you make 50% on our upsells, downsells, other products, 404 errors and other things. We do the follow up for you.

We have the most extensive reseller tools in the business.

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