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Amazing Ad Copy Secrets Q & A

Amazing Ad Copy Secrets Q & A


Marlon, what is the main purpose of How to Craft Drop Dead, Killer Ad Copy?

It’s a slam dunk education in creating killer ad copy that reall works. It’s a real eye opener for many people.

It walks you through a step-by-step formula. You will see now that many people have copied my formula in their products. That’s the truth.

I was the first person to unleash this kind of step-by-step system on the Net. It came as a direct result of my frustration trying to find out how to write sales letters that worked.

It took me 10-25 years to assemble this formula. It took a lot of hit and miss efforts as a freelance writer. Finally, I worked my way up to an elite copywriter status.

After that, I launched my own products. I no longer write for clients. But I used to get paid as much as 10 grand and even more per letter. Around $750 per page. With 300 words on a page, I got paid about $2.50 per word most of the time.

Isn’t the name of the product a little excessive? I mean honestly, a money hungry twister?

The name of the product is: How to Craft Drop Dead, Killer Ad Copy That Sucks Up Cash Like a Money Hungry Twister.

How do you justify that?

First of all, I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to write sales letters that work. Talent and many other factors enter in. All I can do is share step-by-step exactly what I do.

But yes, my sales letters do suck up cash like crazy. They do it legally, ethically and morally. In fact, I think more than any other sales letters for Internet marketing products I’ve seen.

I never guarantee anyone will make any money with anything because that’s a guarantee no one can deliver on. I only guarantee money back if a strategy doesn’t perform for someone.

What is the main benefit of How to Craft Drop Dead, Killer Ad Copy That Sucks Up Cash Like a Money Hungry Twister?

The HEART of your web site is your sales letter.

Look around and you’ll see very few people get or understand this. They have web sites that never use a sales letter anywhere. If they took their web site, printed it and mailed it out in direct mail, it would never make a dime.

What I do is translate the methods that have worked for the last 100 years into a web format — with modifications of course.

Very few of your competitors understand or do this.

There is an art to it. I do my best to teach the art and the science.

The reason I teach a sales letter format is that is what works. It’s very personal. It has a 100-year history of success.

Am I guaranteed to make money?

No. All business involves risk of gain and loss. If you can’t handle the potential for loss, don’t play the game. I do everything in my power to put the odds in your favor. And I tell you what works for me personally.

This is all based on my own personal experience. That is what separates it from a lot of products. A lot of people write things that sound good in theory. Some of them don’t even write their own products!

You may not make a dime. And you may get rich. Chances are, you’ll fall somewhere between those two extremes. That’s as honest as I can be.

What separates your Sales Letter Formula from the other how to products on the market?

I’m friends with many if not most of the other online marketers who train people. So I would never criticize their products. In fact, many of them are very good. I endorse some of them.

However, my ad copy/sales letter formula has endured the test of time. Other products come and go. Some become quickly outdated. But How to Craft Drop Dead, Killer Ad Copy is timeless and applies to both online and offline marketing, although the emphasis is concerning online marketing.

I’ve taught this formula in over 120 seminars, including a seminar at Wembley arena in London. I have been invited to speak in Moscow and Germany. I spoke at NetExpo in Kauai.

My formula is very step-by-step. What to do and how to do it. You get audio, video and written explanations. So I use the multi-media immersiion approach.

Do you provide free consulting if I buy your product?

No, my consulting fee is $1,000 per hour.

How much do I make on the reseller program?

The cool thing about the product is you can sell it for 50% profit. You can do that even if you don’t buy it. Send an email to [email protected] for details.

Anyway, you not only make 50% on How to Craft Drop Dead, Killer Ad Copy , you make 50% on our upsells, downsells, other products, 404 errors and other things. We do the follow up for you.

We have the most extensive reseller tools in the business.

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