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Affiliates — It’s RAINING SALES for Book of Secrets


This sales letter just keeps pulling and pulling like on a mule on
7 cartons of Red Bull.

First of all, this is what Frank Kern said about this sales letter:


Here’s the PROMO:

1. Straight to the “story with typos” sales letter that Frank loved:

2. First to the 21 BONUSES page with the countdown timer
for either 12 or 48 hours

a. 48 hour countdown begins when customer clicks link:

Link > 21 bonuses expiring in 48 hours > SECRETS letter (with typos)

b. 24 hour countdown timer for 21 bonuses

For MY list what worked best was when I sent the LAST CHANCE reminder email with only 12 hours left.
Here is a link that goes to a 12 hour countdown. It STARTS when the link is clicked by the customer:

I have another version without the typos but it isn’t going to convert as well. That link is an Evergreen timer, so you can mail it when it fits in your schedule. The timer starts when the customers click. The vast majority order fort $65 but you also get 1/2 of the $97 on upgrades (the balance you see on the order form is extra for shipping and not commissionable). You also get 1/2 of the $47. We get a few of those also.

————————— S W I P E E M A I L ————————————–

Subject: Last chance for the 21 bonuses — expiring tonight

Memo From: YOUR NAME
Re: 21 Bonuses expire tonight


The 21 bonuses for grabbing Book of Secrets
expire tonight.

Best wishes,


PS: Here are all 21 bonuses:

1. Brand Your Business Newsletter
2. How to Create Children’s Picture eBooks in Word
3. How to Create Eye-Catching eBook Covers
4. How To Format & Upload a Picture eBook onto Kindle
5. How To Format & Upload a Picture eBook onto iBooks
6. From Mindset to Action
7. Essential Guide to Sales Funnels
8. Coaching the Coach
9. How To Format & Upload a Picture eBook onto Barnes & Noble
10. Internet Marketing from A to Z
11. Guide To Outsourcing Your Business
12. How to SPEED UP your website!
13. Auto Backup WP Blog
14. How To Create Free Video Intros Using Flixpress
15. How to Compete in a Saturated Market audio
16. How to Increase Sales by Matching Your Message to Market
18. Mobile Simulator Plugin Builder
19. How To Set Up A Curation Blog Using WordPress
20. Sales Funnel Ninja Download Page Builder
21. WP Rebrander Tool

Just for grabbing Book of Secrets before
11:59 you will receive 21 additional items.

===================== S W I P E # 2 ================

This is an Audio Postcard you can send where the audio is me reading the sales letter AND there is a link to the letter itself.


No one sends these much anymore and I believe it will stand out.
Plus, not many people get an audio version of the sales letter.

Here is the EMAIL you send.  INSERT your ID/codewhere indicated:

——————- BEGIN SWIPE—————————


Marlon Sanders sent this to me and I thought it
totally rocked so I’m passing it on to you….

You have an Audio Postcard(TM).  To get your
Audio Postcard, turn up your speakers, and
click on this link:

Listen for me…

———————- END SWIPE ——————–

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