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If you can sell 30 units of my new product, please contact me


Marlon here.

Please take the short survey here if you haven’t yet.

If you have the ability to sell  30 units or more of my new product (price is $47 to $100, depending on the option), please contact me, so we can figure out what it’ll take for you to promote the product and make that happen.  We’ll get on a Skype call and see how we can maximize your sales.

Reply with a BLOG COMMENT below, or contact me at or, if you’re on my Facebook, you can message me there.  If you are still interested in earning commissions from a product that delivers REAL value and isn’t the usual stuff, with  fresh, creative thinking, then let’s talk about it.   You do need to have the ability to move 30 units in 10 days.  If you can’t, you’re welcome to promote the product. But if you can move a larger number of units, let’s brainstorm.

Conversely, if you CAN move 30 units but aren’t interested in promoting it, let me know why.

If you are just CURIOUS about the launch, here is my ezine where I show some of the slides going into a webinar I’m creating for it.  The “Big Idea” behind the product is here.redphoto

New launch coming…Give this PDF away and get your cookies set now


Marlon here.

I have an exciting launch coming up for the first PDF I’ve written in over a year.

In order to help you get your cookies set, here’s a PDF of today’s ezine you can give away:

Put your affiliate id where it says YOUR-ID


Your affiliate ID does NOT begin with a CD.  That’s the old Direct Track ID.
It probably begins with ms.

If you aren’t sure, post at and I’ll look it up for you.

Are there any tools you find useful for a product launch that help you sell your people more effectively?  Post in comments if you have something.

I’ll be giving you more scoop on what the product is about shortly.

Best wishes,

Announcting 80% commissions front and back end through 9/26



Marlon here.

It’s true. Through 9/26 I’m offering 80% commissions to get you some extra cash going into the fall season.

1. This applies to all commission-able front and back end products

For example, if your customer checks off a few upsells or takes an OTO, you get 80% on that also.

2. Regular super affiliate commissions don’t apply

3. Subject to subtracting out refunds and chargebacks, of course.

4. Ends midnight CST 9/26/2013

On the menu, you’ll have plenty of tools to use to promote our different products. I recently updated Traffic Dashboard, so it’s good to go. Promo Dashboard and Info Product Dashboard have been updated as has Design Dashboard.

The KEY to making SALES is adding your own BONUS with a 72 hour DEADLINE to get it. Have people email you the receipt to get your bonus and make it clear YOU not me are responsible for delivering the bonus.

The bonus can be just one extra idea, method or technique you have. Or even PLR that fills in a gap in the product.

For the bonus to work, you need a 48 or 72 hour deadline.

For it to work, you need a bonus, even if it’s just a 10 minute screen capture video on one extra technique you’ve found related to the product or that makes it better.

For example, on Traffic Dashboard, if you have a content marketing method, banner ad trick, solo ad trick, JV trick or secret — ANY of those are good. Case studies are good. ANYTHING that provides good value works.

Here’s another tip. Two or three bonuses work better than one.

If you want to KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK, here is what you do.

Get a stack of PLR and put it on a web page. Go to Youtube, look up Han Fan and you’ll see how he does videos he uploads to Youtube and in the comments has a link to the bonus stack.

He makes a special page for the bonus stack, and usually puts a Camtasia video there where he walks through each element of the bonus stack.

You don’t HAVE to do this but it IS highly effective.

SPECIAL OFFER: arrow If you want a BONUS from me you can offer, and you have an existing email list you can sell at least 10 copies of one of my products to by mailing your list, then post to Let me know how many clicks and sales you typically get when you promote an offer or how many you THINK you can sell. I’ll give you a bonus you can use.

If you have questions, go to

Announcing 70% Commissions 9-5 through 9-12



Marlon here.

It’s September and in the U.S. it’s the start of FOOTBALL season. This puts a big SMILE on my face and makes me in a generous mood.  So until September 12, I’m giving 70% commissions on all existing products.  Any new products I launch in this timeframe will have normal 50% commissions.  Super affiliate commissions do not apply. This is a flat 70% commission deal through September 12.

You’ll find links to products and tools on the top nav bar.

If you need support or have questions, go to:

Best wishes,


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